About Basadi Women of Jazz

Basadi Women of Jazz

BASADI is the Sotho word for “women”. Fitting since this all-woman jazz group dominates their skills and unique femininity. They are undoubtedly role models for girls around the world.

Basadi women of Jazz have taken the music industry by storm since their inception over fourteen years ago. They have proven that playing instruments is not exclusively a male dominated activity. The group has done no less than producing solid in rows in the South African music industry. Ever since their rise to stardom, their exhilarating live performances have earned them respect for their world performances, making a strong statement as a young female band in South Africa and portraying a positive influence internationally.

Basadi women of Jazz have shared the stage with South African music giants, both locally and internationally. Music giants that they have performed with include the late Hugh Masekela and Mama Miriam Makeba, Brenda Fassie, Caiphus Semenya, the Denmark 72 piece Orchestra and many others.

Their music style is diverse, rich and different. Their music takes listeners through South African favourites, such as Phata-Phata, Aluta Continua right to classic Jazz, Blues, Rock and soul R&B influences. All these amazing sounds are uniquely brought together in Jazz, the most sophisticated, undying music that has undoubtedly stood the test of time.

If their success were not enough to complement their music, perhaps royalty is. Their style of music is said to have inspired dignitaries, such as the King and Queen of Stockholm in Sweden as well as political leaders, such as Kofi Anan, former presidents Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma and many other prominent great leaders.